Summer Thoughts

So I stayed off social media for the summer, which is my SOP. It was not a good summer. The fires were unprecedented and before that the heat was significant. A bit glad it’s over. Throughout the summer, I’d periodically write down one thought or another. For what it’s worth... here they are.

Life is not a football game, it’s a garden. 

Sometimes I smell on Sunday. Also I alliterate inadvertently. 

A mystery coworker leaves puddles of water on the sink in the bathroom every day.

Our failing patience may be the downfall of all civilization. 

My body is less of a temple and more of an amusement park: one that is fifty years old and in need of repairs.

Big trucks make me smile. Really big trucks make me laugh.

If you don’t allow a man his deficiencies, you’ll never recognize his excellence.  

People who scream “Get in the hole!” at golf tournaments suck.

I cherish the simple joy of watching my son catch a fish.

Tent camping is dirty goodness.

Forgiveness is a selective skill we should all exercise more often.

Crowdfunding is not for me. Neither are colonoscopies.

Constant tinnitus was not something I was looking forward to.

Someday soon I will be one of those old man drivers.

My evening optimism often doesn’t coincide with my morning motivation.


  1. Casey, this is wonderful. While the reflections are yours, many of them resonate deeply with me -perhaps because I am just ahead of you down a similar road.

  2. I suffer that constant tinnitus too. Somehow, when out in nature, it disappears. That colonoscopy thing? Actually, the journey I went on during that procedure was one of the most pleasant I've ever experienced. I like "Casey's Just Sayin'" and I'm glad you're back - for most of the year.

    1. Sorry about the tinnitus. Mine ebbs and flows, but it’s always there. Colonoscopy wasn’t that bad, really. Don’t remember it, so... :) Thanks for reading.


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