I feel like every time I come over to Crescent City I write the same blog post.

You know, appreciate my family, wish I was home, like driving by myself, love my wife, want to hug my kids, blah blah blah.

So let's try something different.

When you are away from home and by yourself:

What's on the radio on the road? I've gone through stages for sure. NPR, scanning for local stations, my own iPod music etc. But for the last couple of years it's been audiobooks and nothing else. I belong to now and get a new book every month for $15. I have a bumper sticker that says, "Shhhh, I'm listening to a book."

What kind of crap do you eat? Do you go to a restaurant? My love has no trouble at all spending the evening by herself at a busy restaurant. I'm not made that way. I usually buy some frozen garbage I can nuke in the hotel microwave that will make my tummy ache for the rest of the night.

What kind of TV do you watch? Channel 45 for me here, which is, surprise, the golf channel. I usually just put it on and forget about it. Take the silence out of the room.

Keep drapes open or closed? I'm always on the 2nd or 3rd floor so I usually just leave them open. When my love and I are out, we close the heavy drapes so we can sleep until fifteen minutes before checkout.

Enjoy the Continental Breakfast? They suck. I can't stand them. There's no meat, save maybe a hard-boiled egg. I almost always will skip this little fake feature of so many hotels and inns these days. I'm not a big breakfast guy anyway, so I'm usually just fine with a mocha from Starbucks or some such.

We all have our own little travel habits and preferences.

What are yours?


  1. These days mine is to stay home. I used to travel for different jobs and did not care for it. If I were on the road I would do like you and find something at a grocery store and retire to the room and read and eat in peace.

  2. When I am with the family I am all about keeping the peace. Whatever makes you happy guys. I can usually zone out if it doesn't interest me...and write poems in my head.
    It's easier now that my daughter is older and has no trouble listening to her ipod, when she was younger Raffi and Kidzbop would make me want to nerf someone to death.
    When I am traveling alone I'll put on whatever I'm musical taste runs the gamut. I also like language learning CD's. I've tried listening to books but I stop listening after a while. Especially if I don't care for the reader.
    We usually eat on the road, usually something like pizza. We try to keep away from McD's and such...I can't really eat it on car trips anyway. Or we pack stuff, fruit, nuts, drinks. When I am on the road I can go without eating a meal. I'll snack on nuts and nutri-grain bars I usually have to stop for coffee. Starbucks or whatever...I'm not picky.
    In hotels I close the drapes and crank the AC if it's hot out. Only if there is a deck or a view do I ever have the drapes open. I put the don't bug me sign out right away...I always request a fridge beforehand.
    I try not to eat the food at the's usually crap and the last thing I need is food poisoning when I'm on the road. I never order room service. If I must,I'll go down to the bar ( if there is one) any have some appys.
    I do love a hotel with a nice pool and a fitness center. I own that treadmill, dawg :)...No one ever fights me for it.

    Peace ~ Rene

  3. OK, why are you using the European method of dating your posts? I thought, OH MY GOD IT'S ALREADY AUGUST????

  4. In other news, I can't get off this site because I'm mesmerized by the total visitors widget.

  5. TB - Yeah, I am too much of a talker to eat in a restaurant by myself. I guess if you had a book it'd be OK. Not really, though.

    Rene - You seem like a very casual traveler, all is good. My love is that way.

    Suzy - hahahahahahahahahaha, sigh...

  6. Travel habits? Erm..... I hate sleeping in a different bed and usually I am not fussy with food, but I avoid all Muslim-Indian restaurants like the plague (for hygiene issues) and most fast food outlets (hate the burgers, the fries and chicken too oily).
    And I like to travel very early or at noon, to avoid traffic jam.

  7. Hey Shadow. Nice to have you back. Are you posting again soon?


  8. I just finished an entry. Now be a good Casey and comment :)

  9. I do the audiobook thing, too. I don't hate long road trips because I can listen to books. If I'm alone, that is.

    I usually eat junky fast food after putting it off for as long as possible.

    I browse the internet in hotel rooms, and then I read and read and love it, while trying not to think about what's on the bed. EW.

  10. Yeah, the bed... ugh. I'd sleep on the floor if it wasn't worse.

    Thanks for reading.


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