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One year and several dozen blog posts ago I took a week's worth of vacation from social networking. "Remember that?" asks Chris Farley. The week then turned in to two months and I was gone until just before Thanksgiving in November. I didn't remember two months. That seems like a long time. But my enthusiasm when I returned was inspiring. My appreciation of this online world was rich. My reset button had definitely been pushed. I wonder if I could do that today. I have my iPad now and Padrick keeps me very, very connected. Blogshelf, Twitter for Ipad, Flipboard, etc. are at least a good percentage of what I do on my new, fabulous machine. I have more facebook friends to read about, follow about twice as many blogs and have now established a solid group of tweople who I like to read on a regular basis. I have to say a break sounds appealing though. And a little scary. It's the scary that has made me decide to do it. If I feel I need it, it's time to unpl