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It's a Weakness

I was thinking today about the fact that Apple just released the Beatles entire library of music on iTunes. My first thought was COOL! My second thought was cool. My last thought was, "Hey, I already have all their CD's and any music I want on my iPod/iPad is already there." So, why would I buy them again? Just to say I did? Just to put another $13 in Steve's pocket? Just to... I can't really think of a reason. And yet I'm still tempted. Abbey Road has a little documentary on it, which would be cool to watch, I suppose. Making of the album cover or something like that. Who's going to go barefoot? Paul is dead. Number 9, Number 9, Number 9... I think I'm crossing up my albums now. Sorry about that. The funnier part of this is I'm not even that huge of a Beatles fan. I like the Beatles. But if it weren't for my love's influence and her massive fan-ness of the band I don't know that I ever would have owned a Beatles album. An

Recess is over!

So, how's it goin? After 65 days on the virtual lamb I have decided to plug in again. You might wonder what I accomplished during my respite. It would be more remarkable to talk about what I didn't do. I didn't write a book. I did not start up the exercise regimen. In fact, I did not quit any bad habits or start any good ones. I did not grow in any discernibly spiritual way. Isn't that remarkable? All kidding aside, it was a nice break and if nothing else I feel more focused. I'm looking forward to the next ten months of social network immersion. So, seriously, how's it goin? Cheers, Casey