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Password, Password, Who's Got the Password?

Oh, here's a story. You know we all have a bunch of passwords, right? Well, every few months I change mine, especially since getting a rather threatening message from a would-be criminal who basically told me he had so many millions of passwords, chances were he had one of mine or my family's. Very unsettling. So I change my passwords a lot. And I have about 30 of them. And since I know that one of a crook's methods of getting into my stuff is to find my password on a less secure site (say a forum board) and try that password on a more secure site (say a bank), I use different passwords. Last night I got the idea that I would write them all down and put them some place safe. The thought was that if something happened to me, My Love would be able to get into all my junk and retrieve stuff, shut things down, etc., etc. A little morbid, maybe, but it seemed brilliant at the time. If you know me, you may guess what's coming next. Yep. I promptly lost the pa