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Gadgets Galore!

I am a gadget guy, as I have stated previously. I understand that it is a weakness, but I don’t care. When I see the thing, I want the thing. Over the last five or six years I have gathered around me the following: NEO by Alphasmart: This is basically a keyboard with a little led screen (think calculator). I’ve had it for quite some time. There are seven AA batteries in it that I’ve never had to change. It’s tough. You can drop it. It has 8 files to hold whatever writing chaos running through my mind at any given time. My daughter uses it more than I do, but I love it anyway. Garmin: We all know what a Garmin is, right? I can hardly go to the corner store without glancing at my GPS navigator. I love watching the cross streets pass by, changing my icon from car to truck to pirate ship and I really dig it when it changes from light background and dark streets to dark background and light streets. It knows when it gets dark. My Garmin’s name is Gary. Gary has a woman’s voice.

Chewy and Jack

Here's another one!

Chewbacca Driving Test

Here is a video that my son Lucas and I put together. It's our first animation, of many to come. We hope you enjoy it. CLICK HERE

Odd Visitors in the Night

According to my blog monitor, I was visited twice in January by the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. Should I be concerned?

Take a Boom

Take a boom on this one right now. See how the howl is the key to the sea? Do you feel it now? Can it be that easy? No. Never. With the grease ‘cross the crease I am smitten. I am bitten. And I can no longer see the white of the night. No more grooving on the dark dome. It covers the squirm of the worm after all. Snakes may be burrowing below. Right now. Now! Do I breathe yet or yet breathe? Do I inhale the tepid word? Or chunder empty thunder? Take the drug and jig on the rug. Smile a while as I pass the lass. A slippery sip and the sirens slash. The muses cut but bring no news. I cringe at their taciturn eyes. And offer an infected smile. Have I gagged, then bragged? Are the arts and tarts tight twins? Does it matter? Take a boom on this. I have only one moment. This one! This! And I should be flogged, my mind jogged. Punish me cruelly for my lack of luster. Mash my melon and kick this collie. For idle orange is a meaty ocher. And I am. Failing. Falling. Calling to the wind. Answ

Real Life Make Believe Conversations - November 14th, 1981

Excuse me, but what is your name? “Stacy.” Don’t make fun, don’t make fun, don’t make fun… Nice to meet you Stacy. Do you mind if I ask how old you are? “Fifteen.” One word at a time, sweet Jesus. Was he held back? Don’t ask. You might get him excited. Fifteen. OK. Well, I’m thirteen, and as you have no doubt noticed I haven’t gained a single ounce for the last two or three years. I’m what they call a late bloomer. Resist the urge to laugh at your own joke and pat him on the shoulder. Resist! I’m not effecting you at all right now, am I? Smile. That’s not a friendly smile. I’m not getting anywhere at all. I mean, you’ve got, what, forty pounds on me. You’re slow at shit, but… Every time I see that ball move it’s like I’m going against a brick wall. I don’t think I’ve pushed you back a step all night, let alone got around you to try and tackle someone. There is a quarterback back in there somewhere right? Smile gets wider. Teeth are shiny with the predator’s saliva. My knu