Take a Boom

Take a boom on this one right now.

See how the howl is the key to the sea?

Do you feel it now? Can it be that easy?

No. Never.

With the grease ‘cross the crease I am smitten.

I am bitten.

And I can no longer see the white of the night.

No more grooving on the dark dome.

It covers the squirm of the worm after all.

Snakes may be burrowing below.

Right now.


Do I breathe yet or yet breathe?

Do I inhale the tepid word?

Or chunder empty thunder?

Take the drug and jig on the rug.

Smile a while as I pass the lass.

A slippery sip and the sirens slash.

The muses cut but bring no news.

I cringe at their taciturn eyes.

And offer an infected smile.

Have I gagged, then bragged?

Are the arts and tarts tight twins?

Does it matter?

Take a boom on this.

I have only one moment.

This one!


And I should be flogged, my mind jogged.

Punish me cruelly for my lack of luster.

Mash my melon and kick this collie.

For idle orange is a meaty ocher.

And I am.



Calling to the wind.





  1. I don't think things are easy either.
    Listening to the lukewarm words of those supposedly in the know can be such a waste of time. But finally I do not go to the place of borderline.
    Your answer is there is no failure.

  2. Extremely well said. Man, I didn't think this poem was clear at all. Thanks for reading.


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