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It's time again for another hiatus from the universe of social networks. This time around this includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and The easiest way for me to do that is to remove all the corresponding apps from my iPhone and iPad. I'll be doing that some time this afternoon. For the few who don't know and the many who don't really care, I unplug for about sixty days every year. Why? Generally, it's to remember that life is life and social networking is not life. Specifically it's to Write! Last year when I unplugged I wrote 62,000 words. That's significant. Unfortunately, I've hardly written anything since. This site,, has been essentially ignored. I've posted six times in ten months, including a review of what I learned last time around, a review of the new Blogsy app I'm currently using, a whine about how I had stopped writing (seriously), a short-story I wrote after seeing a doctored