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Doing it 750 Pieces at a Time

I wanted to talk a bit about what I’ve experienced with my recent writing challenge and why I think it’s working for me. The challenge is simple enough. @sarahreede and I agreed to challenge each other to write a novel. We would commit to 750 words a day, every day, until our works were done. So you don’t need to do the math, that gives me a 100,000 word novel in about 4 ½ months. Well, a first draft anyway. Every Tuesday night we’re supposed to check in and see how we’re each coming along. The results have been nothing short of amazing. I have hit my 750 words a day, every day for the last 14 days, which puts me at just over 10,000 words or 10% of my supposed goal. 750 words isn’t a lot. I can write it in an hour if I’m motivated and like what I’m putting down, a couple if I am struggling a bit. But it seems that as I write this novel, 750 words is something more than just a goal. It appears to be the length (almost to the word) I need to do a short scene.

Wasn’t All That Long

Hi! I haven't posted in a bit, but the good news is that is mostly because I'm working on my novel. I have a sort of double-dare going with @SarahReede that we each write at least 750 words on our books each day. It's been fun and so far I'm on schedule. But I thought I'd pop over here and share with you a piece of Flash Fiction I wrote recently. If you're interested I'm tweeting my word count at the end of each day. And if we're not following each other yet, I'm at caseyfreeland there as well as on Facebook. And now... on with the story... When he woke, she stood over him, the white room congregating in a halo around her shoulder-length, golden hair. She held his frail hand gently and smiled into his rheumy eyes. “Good morning,” she said, her voice a thin gauze of comfort laid across his raised, convalescent bed. “Already?” he coughed back at her, his own voice breaking the spell she had cast. But her smile didn’t deteriorate and even her

The Final Reign

found her here Midnight comes a young heart thrums A night unlike seen ages past The moon is gone and dark is strong Yet whispers vow to witness last The icy breeze it wants to freeze And blow the stars across the sky Churning ground crawls as a hound Mad from lack and soon to die It sings the doom within her womb The dawn of terror comes full term And bearing down her scream the sound That settles deep in man and worm The very air before so fair Now blinds with sable tears of pain And it is born all hope is shorn And thus begins the final reign Thanks for reading, off to write! Cheers, Casey