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Resolutions? Now? On Thanksgiving?

I came across this list today: Improvement for 12/31/13 1. Lose 20 Pounds, or hit 215, whichever is less 2. Drink less (less than once a week) 3. Ride more (at least once a week, with 2 centuries) 4. Golf more (twice a month) 5. Write more (finish novel, write a short story each month to submit) 6. Read more (at least a book a month) 7. Improve Home (one project each weekend) 8. Budget Spending Coincidentally this was the writing prompt for today: “To boldly go... An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal set- ting. What will your goals for 2015 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!” Universe kicking me in the hindquarters perhaps? Well, let’s look at the list first… grade my progress on the items I forgot about by January 31st. 1. I didn’t lose 20 pounds or reach 215. In fact, since my last century I’ve gained about 10 after losing about that much. So, yeah. Gotta work on that. C 2. Depending on the week, I thin

Bullet Dodged

When I was leaving my previous life in radio and looking for something new to do in late 2001 and early 2002, a job came up that I really wanted. On a qualification scale of 1 to 10, I probably ranked a 4. In fact the only listing I was less qualified for at the time was business services officer at a bank, a title I didn’t even understand. But this other job, the manager of the Redding Convention Center, that was a real job. It would be a big job in town, one I could throw about at dinner parties and get immediate admiration and recognition. I never went to dinner parties, but I could imagine being at one and really hitting it out of the park with that job title. I wanted it. So I got a suit. The interview had three parts. The first leg was a one-on-one with Vicki Wilkinson, the events coordinator for the city in an office next door to the convention center itself. Then there was a panel interview (to be my first and only) at the new city hall, followed by a written exam at th