Resolutions? Now? On Thanksgiving?

I came across this list today:

Improvement for 12/31/13

1. Lose 20 Pounds, or hit 215, whichever is less
2. Drink less (less than once a week)
3. Ride more (at least once a week, with 2 centuries)
4. Golf more (twice a month)
5. Write more (finish novel, write a short story each month to submit)
6. Read more (at least a book a month)
7. Improve Home (one project each weekend)
8. Budget Spending

Coincidentally this was the writing prompt for today:

“To boldly go... An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal set- ting. What will your goals for 2015 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!”

Universe kicking me in the hindquarters perhaps?

Well, let’s look at the list first… grade my progress on the items I forgot about by January 31st.

1. I didn’t lose 20 pounds or reach 215. In fact, since my last century I’ve gained about 10 after losing about that much. So, yeah. Gotta work on that. C
2. Depending on the week, I think I pretty much nailed this one. B+
3. Had a good thing going on the cycling until 9/20 when I decided my hernia needed tending to. Before that, I’d say I hit this one. I did ride two centuries. Wild Flower and Ride the Rogue. Three in 2015. B+
4. I have not golfed any more than in 2013. Going to reapply myself to that goal next year. C-
5. I have definitely not written more, finished a novel or submitted any short stories. Sigh… D+
6. I have definitely not read a book a month. Maybe four this year. Sigh… D+
7. Improve Home… now I know what I was telling myself there and I have definitely not hit that mark. But I’ve done some improvements. Maybe a C+ on that one.
8. I tried to budget through, but hated it. Still think it’s important. Just haven’t gone there yet. C

So what is that? Maybe C or C+? The writing prompt urges us to make a new list now, not wait for January 1st.

I think with the possible exception of increasing my century count to three, I’m just going to stick with 2014’s  and go for a better grade.

Any earth-shattering resolutions looming for you in 2015?

Writing prompt from from the digital book, “365 Days of Writing Prompts” found free at


  1. Hi Casey,
    Good to see you posting! Sorry about the hernia. Ouch. Hope you are on the mend.
    My 2015 goals-- Basically, I think I just need to get it together--more organized, less stressed, better health habits... all the usual stuff. I don't like that I'm feeling all 56 yeas of my age and would like to get it together overall before I hit the gawd-awful sounding 60s. Yikes.
    Happy holidays to you and yours. I hope you are all doing good and the things that have been keeping you from writing free you up a bit in the new year.
    Cheer, jj

    1. Hi Joanna! Thanks for coming by. I really appreciate it. Trying to get back in to the habit. :) I love your goals. Get it together. That's it. That sums it all up completely. Thanks again! Cheers to you.

  2. Mr Freeland;
    Do you still blog?


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