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Time for a Break...

I think most of you know that I take a two-month hiatus from social networks and blogging each year. It's a way for me to refocus, remember and reconnect. (Hey, that wasn't bad.) I will continue work on my novel while I'm away and will hopefully have a first draft by the time I come back. Thanks for reading, off to write! Cheers, Casey

A Bicycle Built for Two

I love the science fiction work of Peter F. Hamilton, Robert Charles Wilson, Neal Stephenson and Orson Scott Card... many others. But I think what I love about them is how they put the human condition in the extraordinary world. I was reading this one I wrote a few years back and I think it succeeds in settling love down easy in another place and time. Tell me what you think. Dawn broke suddenly across the dry, barren expanse, the mild, rolling hills like giant goose flesh on the arm of the Earth. A structure sat atop one of the unexceptional hills, seen easily from nearly a mile as a speck, not because of its size, for it was small, but because it was the only variance for a thousand miles. At five hundred yards, the home’s slanted roof defined its blackness against the brilliant whiteness of the mid-morning sky. At two hundred yards, a ring of greenery appeared like a wreath around the home and the building’s gray walls revealed darkened windows and a great silver door. A rou