One year and several dozen blog posts ago I took a week's worth of vacation from social networking. "Remember that?" asks Chris Farley. The week then turned in to two months and I was gone until just before Thanksgiving in November.

I didn't remember two months. That seems like a long time.

But my enthusiasm when I returned was inspiring.

My appreciation of this online world was rich.

My reset button had definitely been pushed.

I wonder if I could do that today. I have my iPad now and Padrick keeps me very, very connected. Blogshelf, Twitter for Ipad, Flipboard, etc. are at least a good percentage of what I do on my new, fabulous machine. I have more facebook friends to read about, follow about twice as many blogs and have now established a solid group of tweople who I like to read on a regular basis.

I have to say a break sounds appealing though.

And a little scary.

It's the scary that has made me decide to do it. If I feel I need it, it's time to unplug for a bit.

Work on my writing.

Play with my kids.

Hold my love.

Hold her some more.

So, my readers, it's time to go.

Talk to you around Turkey Time.




  1. Have a nice break. Will look for you on your return. xx

  2. Again?! Oh ok, see ya on the other side :P

  3. I hear you, CAsey, I really do.


    p.s. It wasn't so much that pre-coffee Pearl disapproved of the rumpled boy's catching the bus at the exact moment it pulled up (the bus driver waits for no man!) but that he boarded the bus looking as if he'd been laying on the floor in front of the door during his wait...


  4. Hey Casey, I remember your last break and was glad when you came back.

    Have a great time and ENJOY!

    Cheers, jj

  5. Have fun catching up with offline life ;-) !!

  6. Good for you. Catch ya on the back side, Casey.

  7. Okay then, dammit, do it!

    Heh. Yeah, I think you should do it whenever it feels right. Enjoy your break, and see you after Turkey day.

  8. Miss you Casey! Understand the need to break though. Not sure I'm strong enough to follow your example.

  9. I'm back, and you've left. But I hope to catch you soon soon, after T-day. Stay well.

  10. I think it is awesome you did that. What an inspiration. The picture makes me smile big.


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