Day Two

Day Two (with ominous music playing... like Bram Stoker's Dracula)

First impression was frankly this: Holy cow! I can't believe how much work I've already done. That was nice.

Second: I've got a Facebook notification.

Third: I need my glasses.

Fourth: I need a little music to drown out Bridget Jones in the next room.

See where I'm going here?

I was listening to Writing Excuses (great Podcast) yesterday and they were talking about a ritual at the outset of writing. I think I need a ritual... a pre-shot routine as it were... to move me into the writing mode.

All that said, I did open Scrivener, read through my notes, write about a page (very slowly), and set up the Dropbox so if something hits me during the day I can throw it in there.

So I can safely say day one was a success. Tonight I try to write at least another page and decide what I should include in my pre shot routine.

Thanks for reading. Off to (eventually) write.



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