Is Padrick Getting Old?


I was one of the first to purchase and use an iPad. I couldn't wait to get one, was overjoyed when I did get one and loved it so much I even had a contest to name it.


That was 2 1/2 years and three generations ago, if you count them as iPad, iPad 2, New iPad and iPad with Retina Display, four if you include the iPad Mini.


So, is Padrick getting old?


Let's see what I've got now.


External: Padrick certainly has some small dents and scratch marks on the back casing. But for me, that's like the bed of my pickup. It just means it's well used. And even though I've never purchased a screen cover for it, the screen appears flawless. I should note that I've dropped Padrick many times and about half of those times the landing was not soft.


There's No Camera: I can't take photos with it, which I suppose is a negative, although when I see people trying to take pictures with their iPad, I'm a little embarrassed for them. It looks silly. The two times I'm thinking about were crowd situations, one being at MoMA in NYC and the other at Bay to Breakers (apparently taking pictures of all the naked going on) in San Francisco. I just don't see the lack of a camera as a negative at this point.


I can't download the new iOS. Ah, now we're getting to it. You can tell Padrick is getting old because he's no longer supported. The latest iOS is not Padrick friendly. And now many of the new Apps coming out are either no longer compatible or run at such a disadvantage that they are nearly unusable. Which leads right into my next point.


Padrick has gotten very, very slow. The operations are still very fast. Once an App is running, it's just as fast as it has always been save some few exceptions. For some reason WWF is ridiculously slow all the time, after every turn. Anybody else experiencing that? The main slowness, though, is the time it takes to access and "boot up" an App. It's a long time, when it used to be nearly instant. I think this is mostly a result of my OCD-like updating of Apps every single time one becomes available. (See how I'm defending Padrick?) So the Apps are being upgraded to run on faster systems and my system is not faster.


Is Padrick getting old? No doubt about it. Is it time to replace him. No way Jose. Why? I'm still using the heck out of him. In fact, of all the computers I've purchased over the years, Padrick has BY FAR been the most useful.


I've said this before, but it's my alarm clock, my social connector, my blog writing tool, my prose writing tool, my game machine, my calorie counter, my exercise monitor, my movie watcher (often when I'm exercising), my book reader, my E-mail checker, my weather forecaster, my web browser, my news reader, my blog reader, my music player, my photo displayer, my financial calculator, my reminder, my calendar and my work note taker.


In fact, the other morning I sat at my kitchen counter and did about 15 minutes of prep (couple of pages) for a meeting first thing at work. I didn't have to go in early and do it because of good ol' Padrick.


I'm using it right now.


When I'm done writing this, I'm going to use it some more. When I go to bed tonight I'm going to set my alarm on it and then read on it till I go to sleep.


I should say that the my iPhone 4s probably makes it easier to NOT need an upgrade. It has the two cameras and is extremely fast.


What's your very favorite tech toy? Are you attached to it enough to keep using it when the latest and greatest is three generations more advanced?


Thanks for reading. Off to write... on Padrick!





  1. As a side note, the camera on your iPhone 4 is BETTER than the camera on the cutting edge 4th generation iPad. So, don't consider cameras in your upgrade analysis. :)

  2. Hey Casey! Great to see you back.

    I remember when you got Padrick and was jealous then and now-- I still don't have an iPad but I do love my Macbook Pro. My husband has an iPad for the VERY few things he does at home online and loves it. (I think his is 2nd generation one.)

    It's time for a new laptop for me-- mine is just too slow and old to catch up with all the latest operating systems. I hate to let it go, but I've put it (and the expense) off long enough.

    I crack up when people use their iPad to take pictures but they have mostly been 1st time parents or kids.

    I'd say Padrick has a few more miles on him before he's retired but if you let him go I'm guessing one of your kids would be happy to have him?

    Hope you and your loved ones are all good and enjoying the holidays. Take care, jj


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