Seven Things I Learned at Camp this Year...

I am returning to the faceblogoforumtweetbook world this weekend. It's been just shy of two months and it's time to reconnect.

Here's what I learned while on hiatus:

1) My job is not who I am. I decided to resign from my position and leave the organization where I have worked for ten years. I start my new job on Monday and couldn't be happier.

2) Best steak in town is not the best steak in town. It is an empirical fact and I can only surmise that the emotional attachment to said best-steak-in-town causes one's taste buds to lie to one's brain. Still, the company was fantastic.

3) The leaf will fall, and fall, and fall. No matter how diligent I think I am, no matter how many times I fill the green bins with leaves off the front yard, there are always more. Yes, I'm going out there again after this post.

4) Words can be written. No, I didn't finish my first draft of Mighty Quinn. Yes, I did write. In fact, I doubled my words. I'm at about 62,000 right now and on the home stretch. Still hoping to finish before Christmas, but we shall see.

5) Siri interface rocks. Siri functions? Not so much. My new iPhone has Siri, the new voice recognition personal assistant software from Apple. Its ability to recognize what I say is nothing short of fantastic. And it can do some amazing things. When I say "Remind me to write 750 words on Sunday", it will actually remind me Sunday morning to write 750 words. If I say, "Call my wife's mobile," it will immediately call her. But say I'm driving and listening to a podcast and would like to pause it and restart it while I talk to the nice cop who pulled me over. While Siri knows what words I'm using, she apparently doesn't know how to carry out such a simple command.

6) I missed everyone. I'm so looking forward to reading the blog posts of the last two months, the poems, the stories, the humorous observations, the biting satire, the familial anecdotes... all of it.

7) In the end, it's really only about the people I love. It goes by so fast and every minute really does count. (This picture, by the way, shows my 22 year old kids when they were maybe 7? What the heck happened to those 15 years?)

Cheers to everyone!

Thanks for reading. Off to write.



  1. Glad to see you around here again. Missed you.

  2. Hey Casey, Great to see you back. Sounds like the past two months have been interesting. Changing jobs is BIG! And all that writing-- WOW. Congrats.

    I'm jealous about Siri-- I'm waiting for the "5" version and then I'll make the change. It's got to be the #1 App on the planet. I've only heard good things about it.

    Happy leaf raking! jj

  3. welcome back man...good job on your book so far...glad to hear you are on the home stretch...quit your are radical man...

  4. Thanks for the comment over at my place - good to have you back!

  5. ..... wait a minute. You were lost in Void too? And you resurfaced on my birthday? Ha ha ha

    There is a lot of things to be thankful.

    Thanks for a more reliable internet connection. And be thankful because I got my loyal cat who never left my side since this evening. :P

  6. Welcome back! It's hard to stay gone too long, as well I know. Congrats on the new J.O.B. Sometimes ya just gotta make the leap and hope the net will appear. It always does.


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