Thank You Girls for Your Gift

A hundred years ago, when I was about 25 years old, I belonged to a writers' group called Aspiring Writers Club. (AWC) We lived on the old Prodigy service. I told you it was a hundred years ago. So, AWC still exists today. I think there are about a dozen of us.

I love them all.

I was going through my old poetry files and I came across this one. Well this is half of this one. I say half because it was a collaboration, and while I don't remember exactly where my words cut off and hers began, I think this is all my own original work. Her name was Kristen.

She and her buddy Melanie (not sure about that name) started AWC. They were teenagers at the time.I hope they are both doing well. They gave me a gift of some extremely special friends I will cherish my whole life.

Cheers and Enjoy!



The moon is but a sliver
My heart is but a shiver
Awaiting for the maiden to reinstill the beat

But alas I am alone
The air as cold as stone
Around every corner there whispers a defeat

Desperate for resolution
Angry for evolution
Listen, now, it's time for you to move beyond your grief

A year passed by without me
Chained to Time's reality
It's latest Autumn now and I am the final leaf

I look closely at their eyes
For a glimmer of disguise
And lying quietly beyond love that I so need

I can only wait the days
And discover what fate says
And hope I don't lose it all in depths of lust and greed

The moon is but a sliver
My heart is but a shiver
Awaiting for the maiden to reinstill the beat

If I could I'd scream out loud
All alone amidst the crowd
Will there come a time when there is no one left to greet


  1. Wow, this group sounds amazing. Your dedication to the work of writing is so inspiring Casey.

  2. I love the rhythm, it's unique. I like that in a piece of means something...

  3. I love it.
    The poem.
    And the friendship you had : )

  4. How great that you're still connected with this group of writers. Perhaps that's why this piece is so good-- You connected and inspired each other.

    I'm so impressed at your commitment and dedication to writing :-)

    Cheers, jj

  5. .... I love the last part.

    And I have no idea which maiden can reanimate a dead person in moonlight (?)

    Writing is a process, someone said. And if you make millions out of it, you are THERE. :)

  6. I love the idea of hope in the poem but then reality strikes again. I enjoyed this and kept thinking about the special friendships you had with that group. What a wonderful memory...


  7. I like the end, because it is a good question for someone in their early twenties.


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