The Universe Conspires

sometimes there is no direction to avoid disaster

Some days are different than others.

It's possible that, in 24 short hours, the following can occur:

the wheels are coming off this thing

My Love's car breaks down out of town. (Found a great mechanic to fix it thanks to a kindness from the tow guy. If it had broken down when my love and daughter were traveling north to Ashland on Saturday, they would have missed their play and likely been stranded in the middle of nowhere.)

our Hannah Bear

Our pet of fifteen years passes away. (She is no longer in any pain. We have fifteen years of wonderful memories.)


Got a short-story rejection. (An opportunity to send this publication another story and submit the one they turned down to someone else.)

freakin' freaky

Mud Daubers found in the garage. (There's no lemonade here.)

All of these things can and did occur, all at once. And if I didn't have my love and my kids I don't know how I would have survived it.

Thanks for reading, off to write!




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