Our Hannah Bear

hug your puppy for me

That first afternoon, a warm valley day
Into the heat of the Haven Humane
The scent of desperation in the air
The kids were bright and hoping she'd be there

From a litter of four or five, we picked
Girl who stuck snout through prison bars and licked
Little brown ball lifted into the air
And we brought home our sweetie Hanna Bear

Hard to believe that was fifteen years past
So unfair that our companions don't last
She brought laughter, love and life to the air
Impossible that once she wasn't there

We watched her grow before our very eyes
Our affection seemed to swell with her size
Like a deer she could spring into the air
Whether chasing squirrels or leaping at hares

Too soon body began to let her down
Never forgot the time she almost drown
Now with her gone there's stillness in the air
Though, I swear, I still feel our Hannah Bear

Thanks for reading. I don't think I'll write anymore tonight.




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