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this is our big, bad library

So, if you've been following along, you know I've been actively submitting flash fiction to online publications.

Over the last couple of months, I've submitted ten times. Six of those submissions are still in consideration and four have been rejected. All four of those rejected have been resubmitted to other publications. (I know. Makes me dizzy as well. I have a spreadsheet.)
isn't this comic hilarious?

I also have one story I wrote last week that hasn't yet left my iPad. Its a good one.

Bottom line is I am marketing seven new and original short stories. Not too shabby.

After my initial blitz, I'm trying to get smarter about where I send my work. And I'm considering some print publications. And I'm considering longer works of fiction. And I'm considering...

Too much time considering and not enough time writing.

What I'm probably going to do is let these stories run through several submissions while I work on my novel. My protagonists are getting pissed, and one of them is a pretty dangerous guy.

I haven't completely ignored the long stuff, but so far I'm still in first gear, or first chapter as it were. It's time to get some real daily word counts done.

I have a quick question for you. You can E-mail me at caseygfreeland (at) gmail (dot) com or just (if it works now) comment below.

Actually the question has two parts:

I have a Kindle I haven't touched since Padrick came along

1) How do you read novels? Do you prefer hardbacks, paperbacks, Kindle, iBooks, audiobooks, laptop, Nook, etc.? For me I would say 40% audibooks, 40% iBooks and 20% hardbacks.

with Padrick I always have a book handy

2) When do you read novels? Do you read before bed, lunch breaks, weekends, mornings, during commute, only on vacation, etc. For me it's mostly when I drive and before bed.

Okay, seriously, thanks for reading.

Off to mother effin write!



  1. Anonymous31/7/11 11:59

    I read when I can. So, while I wait for my daughter's cheerleading practice to end, the pool, bedtime, whenever. I still read hardcover or paperback. I either get them from a used bookstore or the library. I need to get into kidnle. I have it on my phone. when I do I'll let you know.

  2. I only read actual books you can hold in your hand. I used to be a great reader but for the past 3 years since I fell in love with blogging I spend almost all of my time doing that. I miss reading. I always pick one great book to read in the summer while I am at the pool with the kids : ) If you write a book of course I will buy it in a heartbeat.

  3. I have no readers. I prefer reading a book, hardback or paper. And I only read right before I go to bed. If it's a really good book (now reading The Help and Bossypants, both of which are terrific)then I don't want to sleep.

    I think it's great that you're submitting so much work and only have 4 rejections. The last time I got asked to submit (and the piece got accepted) was off Twitter. The book comes out Valentine's Day 2012 and you can imagine how "kind" I was to the concept of love!!

    (p.s. Disqus still sucks and glad you took it off)

  4. It's sad. I used to read so many books. And now, barely any. I blame Twitter, which has cut into my reading books time.

    When I read, I still read paper books, and usually before I go to sleep. I will move to e-books when they are available from my library.

    Good on you for submitting. That is awesome. xx

  5. best wishes on the submissions...just had 3 pretty stoked...wont tell you how many it might give you hope...

    would love an e-reader...i read before bed and at lunch, int eh car...i keep a book with me so it is when i can...

  6. Lance, thank you for the help with my unofficial survey. It's been extremely illuminating. I have a Kindle and Kindle on my iPad, but I don't often use it. iBooks is my electronic reader.

    Awe, thanks Becky. I appreciate it. I hope to have one for you to buy soon enough. E-mails and comments here have demonstrated how strong traditional books still are and how modern time constraints and internet distractions are frustrating many would-be readers.

    Suzy's back!! Yay! Thank you. I can't wait to read about your thoughts on love! I'm looking forward to reading The Help.

    Hey thanks Juli. I would think E-books would be available soon from libraries. Control of distribution will probably be the biggest issue there.

    Wow, Brian, congratulations! That's wonderful, and inspiring. And thanks for answering my little survey.



  7. Oooooo a Kindle post!! I did one of those on the weekend; check out my post...might be's short, and it has pics :)) lol ...OK, so, I'd Kindle your short stories, TOTALLY. Self publish. And get your hands on a book by John Locke, "How I Sold 1.5 Million Books on Kindle in 5 months." That guy is my HERO :) He's changing the face of publishing, right along with Kindle.

    I have a Kindle (no kidding :), and I LOVE IT. I'm a book girl, so no, it doesn't replace my books: it is my book suitcase :) I got it initially because I travel, and I read a lot, and I have to have my "go to" books with me, and that can add 10kgs to my luggage. I'm not kidding. So my Kindle has everything on it that I want. I throw it in my handbag and get on the train to Calcutta, and in that 2 hour journey I can read documents or stuff people have sent me (which I upload to my Kindle), and any book I want. I love paperbacks in Kindle form now, to be honest: my chic lit books, pulp fiction, etc. :) They're all on my Kindle, and thank God for that, cos now I don't have to worry about loading up bags of books every few months and finding a new home for them. I have them always, and can re read. Should I go on? No....:)))

  8. You're so cool Braja. Thanks very much. A lot of people have been telling me to self publish my short stories on Kindle. Maybe after the group of submissions gets back I'll move in that direction. I just want folks to read my stuff.

    I'll check out Locke as well. Thanks for the suggestion!



  9. Anonymous12/8/11 12:05

    I mostly read fashion magazines and prefer paperback. But my husband has a kindle and I plan to publish something on kindle too..I have heard people do not mind spending a quid or two on a kindle book, so easy money?

    Good luck with your submissions, when you are done and get published I shall start :D Am so lazy, can not start it :( I am more of a non-fiction person so not able to write fiction...sigh

  10. I read 'em all, well, excluding the nook. I have a kindle, iPad & iPhone but I also read books too. I love stumbling across out of print books at used book stores. I mostly read at night and prefer reading on my iPhone right before bed.

    Speaking of which, I'm off to read "The Help" :-)

    (no interest in audio books, just doesn't appeal to me.)

  11. Thanks much for adding to my research Chintan and Diva! :)

    It's interesting to me how many people have taken to digital reading, and yet it still only makes up a very small portion of book sales.

    Definitely growing each year though.


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