Lopsided and Lolly Gagging

I'm feeling lopsided.

parking on my novel... get it?

I have hardly touched The Novel, but have been writing short-stories like crazy. Four submitted now in four weeks to four different online mags. That's a pretty good clip. I intend to continue this until I start getting rejections, which will give me a story that week to send somewhere else. A small respite.

this pace is going to make me this old

With four I now need a good database to keep track. Maybe it's time to add Numbers to my iPad? It looks like a good enough App. Not amazing, but decent enough for some simple spreadsheet work.

let's see... carry the one...

Now, back to The Novel. I can finish the first draft of a longer work in no more than three months. I have a handful of words (maybe 4,000) but I'm basically starting a ground zero today. So, three months puts me roughly at the end of September. 1,000 to 1,500 words a day. That's not much in the grand scheme.

I checked. I've done this five times. That's 250,000 words!

Also, if I finish The Novel by then, I can relax and do NaNoWriMo in November. That is a blast if you've never tried it. 50,000 words in 30 days.
But let's stay focused here people. I need to finish The Novel and my characters are pissed that I'm taking my time about it. Maybe I'll kill one of them. How do you feel about a main character dying in the third chapter of a novel?

I probably wouldn't do that cause I don't have a sharp knife

Thanks for reading. Off to write!


Note: The guy taking the nap came from lizzyknowsall.blogspot.com, the iPad numbers pic came from nsquaredblog.blogspot.com, the Nano dig came from wewhoareabouttodie.com and the funny stabbing cartoon came from huwaaron.com.


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