Glutton for Something

stole this from cause I'm tough

What do I do when the rejection comes in? 

First I send the rejected story back out again (with a few edits) , this time to an online magazine generous enough to publish one of my stories a couple of years ago.

Then... THEN... in a show of writer bravery that even has me baffled, I write and submit another story to those who hath rejected the first.

Either I'm an absolute glutton for punishment, or I read some of the short-stories they publish, realized I had submitted the completely wrong story for their audience and wrote something I think is perfect for them.

I'm probably a glutton for something, anyway. Maybe negative attention. Certainly not punishment.

This is a bit exciting, isn't it? I wonder what will happen. I wonder if they'll like my second attempt. I wonder if they'll see my name and say, "What the hell does he think he's doing? We told him we didn't like his work last time." (They didn't actually say that...)

Bottom line is I now have five stories out there in submission land. I'm on schedule and already have another idea brewing for next week's story.

I was thinking that if I get three rejections on any one story I'll post it here and you all can tell me why it bites.

Just a thought.

Thanks for reading!

Off to write.



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