I have to give a nod right off to The Writing Show with Paula B. This podcast and its accompanying website have renewed my writing vigor, have brought the songs of creativity to the forefront of my mind and have all but forced me to recommit myself to my poetry, short-stories and novels.

Thank you Paula. Your show is fantastic. Any writer is better after listening to your Slush Pile Workshops.

I must also tip my hat (lock in the cliches writer boy) to JB Howick and his book "Blow Us Away", which is filled with insanely good advice about the publishing industry. I found out about Howick through Paula's podcast.

"What does this mean?" you ask, rightly so.

My commitment to myself: Write and submit a new short-story each week, write a blog post about my progress (you are in that now) each week and make some real progress on my current novel each week. Poetry as it comes.

My commitment to you: You'll see a newly posted poem and short-story on my blog each week, whether you like it or not.

Progress so far: I wrote and submitted a flash fiction piece to Everyday Fiction. I also put Green-Skinned Boy on the blog and did a fair amount of work on my novel. No poems... yet.

So far so good. Now all I need to do is repeat this every week for the rest of my life.

No problem. Wish me luck folks.

Thanks for reading, off to write!




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