So Real It Hurts

I think the common denominator of great fiction is reality.

As I create this current novel, chock full of supernatural goodness, I'm always striving for reality. I don't mean the appearance of reality. I'm not talking about suspension of disbelief.

I'm talking about making strangeness so real that the reader (and even the author) thinks it may actually have happened in some inexplicable dimension.

I want my work to have that bright, stark, commonness of every day life.

One way authors do that, I think, is to pay attention to days like today.

Snapping photos doesn't hurt:

today is softball picture day

sister seems to be hiding and preoccupied

brother is here to support

this team is still getting acquainted

she... and they will be just fine.

Thanks for reading, off to write!




  1. "...making strangeness appear real..."-- can't agree more. but sometimes- I hear stories say, in a bus- while traveling from workplace back home- that appear to be 'fiction'-- but are so real!

    no wonder, they say-- "truth is stranger than fiction"...

  2. I love pictures of your family the best : )
    I know you will bring real to your book. You are so great at writing real!


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