He's a Polite Writer

telling someone to be polite is a sure way to start a fight

He's a polite writer. What a horrible thing to say. I hope no one thinks of me that way. I'm a polite person. But when it comes to writing, calling me polite would be a serious slap in the face.

A polite writer:

Writes with nearly everyone in mind.

Is afraid of the social implications of their stories.

Is afraid of hurting someone's feelings.

Is afraid of pissing someone off.

Changes the story to please.

Changes the story to placate.

Changes the story to sell.

Doesn't write with their own style.

Doesn't listen to their muse.

Doesn't enjoy the craft.

I would rather be known as an unsuccessful writer than sell polite novels.

Of course selling some impolite novels would be cool.

Excessively cool.

Come here Chapter 2. You are my bitch today.




  1. Well said and I couldn't agree more!

    I've written quite a bit during my life, and it's a special kind of journey. I've been attending to my long-neglected art these past few years, but if I ever burn out on that (which is doubtful) I'll re-visit my novels.

    It's bad enough that we're all so politically correct that we can't civilly discuss important issues. How can we grow and gain in knowledge and understanding, without discussion?

    But it would be worse to feel one has to write that way, too!

  2. This was great.
    Powerful and real.
    Excited to see you follow your dreams!

  3. Good luck with the second chapter..Selling impolite novels is really cool !Strangely publishing a book is a way of placating several people.. "change this, Change that".."Why dont you make the protagonist more bold?" "ah,too bold.." "This aspect of the plot doesn't work- Change it".."Change it again" SNIP SNIP SNIP ..goes the words we painstakingly thread together..

  4. OH yeah and writing such polite characters is such a drain! And I write Christian fiction so you know the have to be somewhat 'please-able' characters but I so catch in impolite behaviors.

    Rock that chapter 2 Casey.

  5. A good lesson here for me. Thanks. Think I tend to be polite when writing. From this moment on I will (well, will try) be less polite and "real".

  6. ...and more* real, I meant to say...


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