Ancient Birthday Secrets Revealed!

at work my awesome team gave me balloons, wine, chocolate coins, a card and 43 one-dollar bills

I frankly don't get the way people understate their own birthdays. I fully appreciate and respect that celebrating the day you were born is not acceptable within certain religions. But for the rest of you I say, "Sing it!"

Seriously, how many birthdays do you think you get? In the grand scheme of things, in all the days you live in your life, it is a pittance. (Nerdly speaking it's very close to .27% of your life, depending on what day of the year you meet your maker in relation to the day you were born... uh, sorry.)

Here now are my top ten ways you can make more of your birthday, thereby living a more fulfilling life:

1) On your birthday, hum the Happy Birthday Song loudly as you brush your teeth and then again as you walk into work. This is an obvious clue to those around you, but one you can pass off as just feeling really good about the day.

2) Make the entire month in which you were born your birthday month. Hold on to that birthday feeling. I'm not saying you should receive gifts every day of the month. No, that would be too much to expect. Though if it did happen one year, that would be something, wouldn't it? Just one time would be cool. Just once...

3) Use Post-Its, a lot, during the week leading up to your special day. Try to get five to ten in each day. The two rules are that the note has to have the word birthday in it and that you have to stick it where someone else will see it.

4) When anyone around you starts talking about a sports celebrity of any kind, say, "At least they don't have to blow out a bunch of candles in a few days."

5) A couple of days before your big event, make a show of "discovering" which famous folk were born on your birthday, even though we all figured this out when we were nineteen. Announce it somewhere public, loudly and with wide-eyed fascination.

6) This one takes some planning. Put together your birthday present list. Then send it to everyone in your contacts (clients, boss, boss' boss, subordinates, relatives, competition, etc.) But write it so it looks like a reply to your significant other after they asked what you want for your birthday. The hard part here is acting like it was a mistake. A follow up e-mail "apologizing" might help with the lie.

7) Look for opportunities to talk about your favorite kind of cake and how many days before you get to enjoy it. If you are one of those pie people, I can't help you.

8) On the big day, tell strangers it's your birthday. This can feel awkward at first, but after you've done it a few dozen times, there's nothing to it. Opportunities exist at the grocery store, in line at the bank, at stop lights and any time someone calls your work phone. Sample Text: "Hello, ACME Incorporated, this is Mary and it's my birthday. How can I help you?"

9) Spend some time at a Hallmark shop during busy shopping hours opening up those audio birthday cards. Every time a new song starts - "You Say It's Your Birthday" by the Beatles is a good one - laugh out loud and say, "That is so ME!"

10) Finally, write a blog about birthdays. It always works for me.

Thanks for reading, off to write!




  1. You are so funny. 43? I would have never guessed! It looks great on you : )
    I seriously LOVE your co workers. Wine and chocolate. I want to work there. I am lucky if mine give me a pack of post its : )
    I am going to try to your tips this year!

  2. I am so not a fan of celebrating my own birthday but I am so there for everyone else!!! And if there's cake involved, all the better :-)

    Hope your birthday is GRAND, Casey.

    Cheers, jj

  3. Is there any leftover cake? Want our address? Ha.
    Hope your birthday month is a blast.

  4. Casey, I am absolutely with you! A birthday is a wonderful thing, and I hang on to mine with all the imagination I can muster. The last couple years, I've managed to get close to -- but not quite! -- a birthday week.


    Next year!


    p.s. Happy happy birthday
    to every girl and boy
    hope this very special day
    brings you lots of joy!

    That was from Casey Jones and Roundhouse Rodney, noon-time children's programming of my early 60s childhood. :-)

  5. haha, love it! No. 2 is apt, I think for me it ends up becoming the month prior since my birthday falls in the beginning of the month.

    And I completely agree, there should be a complete hoo haa about the birthday! Anyone's birthday! It comes just once a year, although I'm much better off being with people I really want to be with, for e.g. my last bday I was in school and everyone celebrated everyone's bday, so I would prob have had like 75-80 people at a bar. didnt go to class as my partner was visiting (Thank God) and just had a party with about 25 people. Much better this way.

    Happy Birthday Casey!

    Imma take your note seriously and look for you on Facebook.


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