Out of the Closet and into the Fire…

When I think about the reasons I didn’t use my real name on my blog/twitter/facebook they all seem vague now.
I try to come up with new arguments to keep the charade going, but it all falls flat.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all (though most of you know already) to Casey Freeland.


Wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

Ah, well. That’s my real name. Don’t wear it out. My father named my closest (in age) siblings Kelly, Casey and Carey. When he got mad and tried to yell at us he’d scream, “K-Ka-K-Ke-Ke-Ka!!!” and his face would get all red. His fault. Should have named one of us Fred.

I’m traveling to Crescent City tomorrow. Haven’t been there in a while. There are some customers who need my attention. Winter always keeps me away because the route I take goes through a really crappy mountain pass. It’s beautiful. But the truckers talk to each other on their CB’s to make sure they don’t cross paths on certain turns. Because there’s just not enough room.

So with me luck!




  1. Nice to "see" you. I do understand why some people use pseudonyms, but I still think they risk getting found out in the end.

    Do you get hazard pay for work? Drive safe!

  2. Well, that is not as bad as you might think :)

    And yes, naming children with almost @ the same name will create some problem.

    For instance, my brothers and I have the same 1st name - Ramzu. So whenever every Ramzu is at home during holidays, when somebody phoned for Ramzu...

    Which one?

    The teacher? The cripple? Or the student?

  3. Yo Casey, how are you doing? Sounds like business is good if you are going to see customers. Be safe on the drive. Hubby and I just friended you on facebook. Did I tell you lots of my family is in mortgage business, some in CA, AZ and HI. I used to be a mortgage loan processor in CA for many years. Did not like it though.

  4. Thanks Juli, in the end it was more worry than worth. :) Here at the hotel, safe and sound and missing my love. (No hazard pay, but mileage, anyway.)

    Shadow, you and two brothers all have the same name? Is that normal in your neck of the woods? Seems like an unnecessary complication. Do you each have nick names that distinguish you, like bubba or chica or something?

    Hey TB, thanks. Business is better. At least I have appointments to get me out of the office. :) Yes, you did tell me about your mortgage background. A little different than commercial banking, but then again not. :) It can be a hard gig.



  5. "Should have named one of you Fred-- Ha!

    i was one of 5 kids (plus a dog and 2 cats) and mom would start at the top and name all of us in one run-on sentence.

    Glad you made it through the mountains safe Casey.


  6. Thanks Joanna. I just regularly call my kids by the wrong name. They know who I'm talking to. "Drew, get over here." "Drew lives in Chico now Dad." "Don't get smart with me."

  7. I think my eldest sister was the only one that got called by her proper name...only because she was first in line. I'm second in line so I've only got a 2 syllable name Ja-Re
    There are six of us so the baby of the family has the longest name..JaReBerMarBilTom

    Peace ~ Rene

  8. That's wild Rene. So, was that a cultural thing or a familial thing? This has turned in to a much more interesting post than I expected. Shadow's gig confuses me more than anyone's... well, until yours. I'm so intrigued.



  9. K-k-k-Kongratulations Casey!

    Thank you for un-confusing me officially.

    You always be spencer casey casey spencer for me...



  10. Th- Th- Thank you very much Ann. You can call me anything you like. :)


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