How misinformation gets spread, socially and social network-ly...

Socially -
George hears that Suzy has hooked up with Greg. George tells this to Marty, who tells Andrea and Bill. Of course they've all been sworn to secrecy.

The next day George finds out that Suzy has not hooked up with Greg. George doesn't want to seem stupid to Marty, or more likely he has forgotten who he told, including Marty and maybe ten other people, so he doesn't say anything. In the mean time, Andrea and Bill have told everyone.

Poor Suzy. Greg's not very cute and she like's Bill.

Social Network-ly -
George sees a meme. It supports his viewpoint and snopes.com would take more keystrokes than share... so share.

Suzy, Greg, Marty, Andrea, Bill and 327 other friends see it and many share as well.  Because, you know, keystrokes.

Fast forward five years and George's meme is still going strong and the 14 year old kid who created it just started his first semester at community college. He's majoring in IT chicanery.


  1. :) I don't share anything on my Facebook account unless it is really amusing for me (which is rare). Don't do much FB these days....

    1. I've noticed you're not on there much. And when you are, most times I can't read what you've written.


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