Just for Me

This post is just for me, to keep me accountable.


Managed to hit 300 words... barely. That amount seems to be trending towards my minimum. Of course if I do that every day, I'll have a completed novel in 10 months. I'll take that.


I got caught in what I not-so-affectionately call a decription vortex this time, started waxing poetic about Talise's scene. This is OK in a sense because it's part of my style and I feel I'm pretty good at it. But 300 words of it without a break for action and I start to get nervous that the reader will begin to fade.

In a first draft it's OK. If nothing else it puts me in the proper mood to move forward. And I will certainly fall in love with a couple of nuggets within, that will make it to the final draft.

Thanks for reading. Off to wax poetic... and then write.




  1. Hi Casey,
    So great to hear from you. Hope you've had a good Fall and Winter and 2014 brings you only good things.
    Keep writing!

  2. Hi Joanna! Happy new you to you as well. Thanks for stopping by. Trying to stay on track. So many demands on my time right now. But I love my story, so that is what matters in the end. Thanks!!


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