Everybody's Wri-ting' for the Wee-kend'

Does that punctuation make it read like a Loverboy song?


Anyway, apparently I was writing for the weekend, because on the weekend, I did not write. Uh, oh. Yeah, two wasted days.


But that's in the past and regret will not write a book, so let's deal with what we can control... or mostly control.


Happy Monday!!


Thanks for reading. Off to do a bunch of other stuff so I can write tonight!





  1. I have found writing to be a lot like exercise. When I am in the groove (I couldn't resist using this expression what with the Loverboy reference and all), that is to say, writing daily, it is almost addictive, certainly very satisfying, and usually uplifting. And then when for some reason, I don't write for several days, I lose momentum, feel bogged down and overwhelmed thinking about putting fingers to keyboard. (Thanks for reminding me of this great song...am playing it right now on YouTube!)

    1. I'm trying hard to get that muscle back in shape!

    2. Ultreya! (As they say on the Camino...)


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