I Should Really Start Writing Again

As often happens when I have a strong run of words (30,000 in November) I bail almost completely in the subsequent weeks. That has been the case for Mighty Quinn. The book is about 2/3 done and I have come to a complete halt.

It makes me wonder if binge writing such as NANOWRIMO is good for my productivity. Maybe slow and steady really does win the race.

Isn't he cute?

But I'm not a turtle kind of guy. I type fast, I think fast, I work fast, I golf fast, I... do other things fast. I want to write my novels fast as well. But the faster I go the uglier my prose become. My mind has to sort of devolve to get into my writing brain. Maybe I need to start some sort of meditation routine before I start slapping those little keys.

Isn't he cute?

Regardless, these words do not write themselves. I'm very excited that Scrivener is developing an iPad app for their phenomenal writing software. But this is no excuse. Holidays? No excuse. New job? Well, maybe a little excuse. But really, if Anne Frank could write under her circumstances, what chance do the rest of us have of explaining away our procrastination? What about Woody Allen? He writes a screenplay every year without fail... on a manual typewriter!

Isn't he cute? Ha! Didn't think I was going there, did you?

Well, here's to a new year of writing, of appreciating the time we're all given to write, of taking advantage of those moments, of learning and growing in the craft and of putting our work out there for others to read.

Thanks for reading. Off to write... eventually.



  1. Hey Casey, Happy New Year!

    You cracked me up with Woody Allen and no, I didn't see that one coming.

    Hope the writing bug comes back to you. After 30,000 words I can understand why you'd want to slow down a bit, burnout is understandable. But I know you'll hit the keys again soon and the novel will be fabulous.

    Wishing you a great 2012! jj

  2. .... I write when i feel like it. Or inspired. And maybe a bit daunted by the looming deadline.
    Or how about taking it to the extreme; writing to save our own life? 50 pages a day or we'll kill your poodle, and next, the goldfish. ;)


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