How Many Years?

I recently found an old folder full of stuff I wrote before I could legally drink alcohol.

I had a lot of stuff to work through back then. And as I said I could not legally drink alcohol... which means I didn't have a convenient way to deaden my senses and forget.

I jest...

Anyway, most of these gems are crap; very serious, very brooding, very silly crap.

Check this baby out. It's called Nine Years of Light

The sands of time have somehow lost their way
Nine years have passed now we've had eternal day
Some people proclaimed the end of mankind
But after all these years they've changed their minds

The sun simply stopped in the noonday sky
It just sits there as days, months, years go by
After the initial panic was through
The people have enjoyed their endless blue

Solar energy now powers the land
And everybody is beautifully tanned
The plants grow at twice the normal degree
And we don't need electric light to see

I'm only eight and have never seen night
I've grown up used to the forever light
So you see why I didn't understand
The message we got from a distant land

It read, "S. O. S., is anyone there?
The entire world is in despair!
Nine long years ago to this very day
The great sun when down and it stayed that way"

Okay, I'm putting these away again...

You're welcome.

Thanks for reading, off to write!



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