Of Domains and Dreams


So, one of my favorite bloggers, Kristin Bair O'Keeffe recently redid her blog design, name and direction. It's now writerhead.com. That name has a wonderful story behind it and I highly recommend you check it out if only to read about how the name was born.

Like me, I think, she decided to narrow her focus and create a blog that mirrors her passion for the written word, at the same time displaying her personality and writing style.

She also got herself the domain name writerhead.com. Admittedly I don't know what that entails. I guess you must pay some monthly fee to host your site somewhere and you have to register the name. But hats off to her for obtaining a simple, yet unique name that's easy to remember and even fun to say. Writer Head!

My obvious next step was to think about what it would take to register and host writteninblood.com. I typed the address into safari and this is what I found:

I know that's blurry. It says I can have the domain name for $6,000. What?

Um, never mind. I'm good. I could offer $5.00 and see what happens, but frankly a $6,000 asking price is going to keep me from even doing that much. Maybe next year. Maybe when I hit 1,000 followers or 10,000 hits a month, or win the lottery or something.

Or maybe when I get an agent. That'd do it.

Thanks for reading, off to write!



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