So, so so so

So, so so so

It's off the edge I go

Pounding my drum as I drop

Fall much more and I'll wind up on top

My, my my my

If I flap these wings I fly

I scream and all the birds laugh

Their easy disdain going to cut me in half

Do, do do do

You have to go there too

One of us should stay behind

And I love you too much to let you find

Sigh, sigh sigh sigh

Feeling good, don't know why

Don't pull the plug before I arrive

I'm looking down and getting ready to dive

So, so so so...


Note: After reading some of your excellent replies regarding poetry analysis, I've decided to leave off a title to this one save the first line. Interpret how you will.

Second Note: The cliff in this picture I took is about a mile from where my mom went off a cliff in her car and was killed 38 years ago. So to me it's more than just an interesting rock.


  1. Wow Casey, putting that poem to the photo leaves me speechless.

  2. Adding to the above, I think you should move your family to Illinois where there are only flat roads and cornfields.

  3. I love you.

  4. Whoa! I didn't see that last part coming. My heart just broke for you and your mom.
    xo jj


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