New Blog Name, Design and Direction

My blog has evolved (or devolved) several times over the years and I've enjoyed each incarnation. I've reached the point where I feel it is time to put Naked Toes to rest and move forward.

Welcome to Written in Blood, a place to talk about this work I do, the books I read, the writers I admire and the virtually endless barrage of realities that seem specifically created to keep me from my keyboard.

I'm a writer in nearly every sense of the word...

I was first published in the fourth grade. (Thank you Mrs. Barnes.)
I've written several hundred poems,
dozens of short-stories,
several novels,
a screenplay.
I wrote daily radio copy for nearly twelve years
and I've written financial narratives for the last nine years.
I'm approaching 200 blog posts here.

Braggish? Yeah, I guess. However I think I'll leave it to help hit this home. Written in Blood may not turn you on. If not, that's cool, but at least I told you up front.

Writing is my most defining personal aspect, keeper of most of my personal pride, source of much of my personal frustration and object of possibly too much of my personal obsession.

If it suits you, stick around and see what I mean.

And as always, thanks for reading.



P.S. - Not that this was the reason for the design change, but this blog now reads beautifully on Padrick.


  1. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

  2. Nice work, very clean and uve upped it a few notched. I like! Looking forward to the posts.


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