Luna's Night

The moon she shines so clear tonight

So large, lustfully bright

Reflecting back through our own eyes

Takes breath through our own sighs

We hear, each look to her in turn

From our own night we yearn

Our minds leap forward, dance across

Before the silver’s lost

As all restraint and fear departs

We show our sinful hearts

We tell our story to this gem

In sweet embrace of whim

She gives, this sphere, to us tonight

Sweet song she sings her sights

Of all the souls she’s held in sway

Before there starts the day

And then the fleeting dance is done

There comes too soon the sun

And we recall with sad delight

Thus gone is Luna’s night

Casey Freeland 2011


  1. Isn't it nice the romantic slant we have put on the moon? Just watching the moon inspires feelings like you write in the great post.

  2. Hey Casey, I'm catching up on my reading and see you've made a change-- It looks great and I look forward to your new direction-- This poem is sure a great start.
    Cheers, jj

  3. Oh I like this one very much! Especially, the part where the 'sun comes out' :) I also like how you make her quite lustful, and then make her the sweetest thing (not) on earth.


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