Way More than Four Seasons

In my home we have our seasons.

Spring Season kicks off with my birthday, which is usually four days before the vernal equinox. It’s easy to imagine that this is a good time of year for me personally. It also really heralds the beginning of the golf season, so it’s a win-win. By the way, it never, ever rains on my birthday. Ever.

Play Season usually really gets rolling around May. This is when our family begins the fairly regular migrations to the Shakespearean Festival in Ashland, Oregon. It’s a two-hour drive and the performances are spectacular, the town beautiful. My love and I have seen works from NY to San Francisco and Ashland ranks at the top.

Camping Season starts as soon as the children are out of school. I’m not much of a camper, but my lady likes to take the little ones to the coast at least a couple of times a year. This season also kicks off with my love’s birthday in June.

Back to School Season hits at the beginning of August. This is when we realize that summer cannot, in fact, go on forever and we start preparing our minds, home, schedules and wallets for educational mode. Our family’s school shopping is usually a very lucrative experience…for Target.

Kids Birthday Season is September. Three of our four children were born in September, so each year we have to figure out how to get them trinkets after just shelling out bucks for school clothes and supplies. Somehow, it always comes together.

That brings us to Halloween Season. This begins with me putting orange and purple lights on our house the first day of October and ends with the big Trick or Treat. In our home Halloween runs a very close second behind Christmas as being our family favorite holiday.

Holiday Season is next, of course, beginning in early November to include Turkey Day and Christmas, and ending with our (now traditional) New Year’s Eve celebration with the kids and their cousins, drinking Martinelli’s apple cider and seeing which kid falls asleep first. The final cap on the holidays is always my oldest's birthday January 4th. (sigh) It’s all about family visits, baking, presents, over-eating, hugs, loves and pajamas.

And finally, we come to the season we are in today. This is Awards Show Season, which begins with the People’s Choice Awards, which is a terrible show we only watch because it officially starts things off. Then there’s Critics Choice, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit and the granddaddy of them all, Academy Awards. We watch them all faithfully. It’s like a party at our house each time. In addition there is a scramble every year by my love to see all the movies that have been nominated and many that are not. It’s not at all uncommon for her to see three or four movies in any given week. Last night was Black Swan (superb). A few days ago were The Fighter (good) and Country Strong (not good). Last week was Season of the Witch (surprisingly good). Tonight we’ll see Tron with the kids. Sunday it’ll probably be True Grit. Social Network needs to be put in there somewhere before it leaves the cheap movies theater. Then there’s Red, King’s Speech, Burlesque and I’d also like to see Dawn Treader on the big screen.

It’s a good season, a great transition through the deepest of the winter months. And even though I get a little “movied-out” by the end of it, I’m always happy when it comes around again.

See you at the movies!*


*Totally thiefed that from Roger Ebert. Roger’s awesome. He understands.


  1. An old friend of mine acted in that festival the past few years--her name is Jeany Park.

    I love that you've created such regular traditions for your family. That is so important--and also a lot of work for parents.

  2. I just looked her up Ann.  We saw her in all four productions, Music Man, Macbeth, Midsummer Night's Dream and Clay Cart.  Music Man and Dream were awesome.  Dream was set in the 60's with a big hippy bus and everything.  We saw it twice.  Music Man just great classic theater.  The train scene at the beginning is one of those things I'll never forget.  No train, just men with briefcases and some sound and lights.  Amazing.  Thanks for reading.


  3. good to know about you and your family! I've been hearing only good things about black swan..Keep having fun !

  4. Seasons... So much of them, for our interpretation. Thanks for sharing with us, and the photos are wonderful.
    I've seen 'season of the witch' last week, and it was only average for me. The good movies only appear mid year.

  5. Awards season is big here in LA and our house-- King's Speech and Social Network are two of our favorite movies. What did you think of the Golden Globes??? It's all a buzz around here with folks either hating or loving Ricky as host.

    The seasons for us definitely do not include camping and we're of the age that we'd rather forget birthdays, but the rest are usually around school holidays and annual biz travel for my husband. In other words-- since we don't have season from Mother Nature, it's pretty much the same old, same old around here all year long.

    Cheers, jj

  6. Hi Casey, nice walk through a typical year with you and your love and your children. Three birthdays in September would put a pinch on the budget and challenge you to use all your resources. I like it that even though camping is not your favorite thing you know how much enjoyment it means to your love and your kids.

  7. Oh I love it! I think award shows are a party for me too, the only thing is that right now its a small party. When I was in Philly or even NY I had friends come over and we'd watch, but I hear that theres not as much love for award shows like I have.

    Oh and do u watch the grammy's too?

    I need to see Black Swan and Kings Speech. Will try to sneak them in soon.

    Btw, I want some of that turkey, maybe for the next award show i can swing by? :)

  8. Absolutely fascinating. Loved hearing about your seasons and your families celebrations in each one! We never watch the awards shows. I love to look at the dresses the next day! Your Shakesperean festival sounds wonderful!

  9. This really was an enjoyable read. Traditions and celebrations are what every child looks forward to as this is when there is happiness and love...and lots of good food - the odd present doesn't go astray either!

    Best wishes for many happy returns of every
    tradition your family celebrates.



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