Eskimo Hill

Eskimo Hill sits on one side of Mount Lassen, about an hour from our home and at about 5,500 feet from sea level. I've gone there since I was maybe six or seven. I'm 42 now and taking my kids there with their friends.

In the picture above, my girl is on the left and my boy is on the right (lying on his back) and the three sibling buddies are in the middle.

It was a good day. There were lots of smiles:

Every single one of them sustained a bruise on their backside or frontside:

It's really a great way to start the Winter season:

They all got soaking wet by the end of the day, but we had back-up warmies in the car:

And they will sleep well tonight:

How do you share your childhood with your child?

P.S. - Thanks very much to Rebecca at Life with Kaishon She's a master photographer of people and I totally did this post in her style.


  1. OMGosh Casey. Your kids are gorgeous! It looks like all the kids enjoyed themselves, despite a few bruises (which go with the territory). Two hours of driving for sledding makes you a great Dad.
    Cheers, jj

  2. So nice to see the kids, the girl looks SO much like you. All of them are adorable!

    No kids yet, but when I was a kid, we went to grandma's and all cousins came from all over for summer vacations, so it was awesome, with smetimes upto 15 cousins, and three big houses. Beach visits, games, food, fights, groups, stealing raw mango from Nana's trees, oh such memories! :)

  3. Nice family tradition passing along to the next generation. Looks like all the kids had fun, what about the big kid?

  4. Lovely kids.. and your daughter is so pretty..Good to see you all having fun.no kids yet,so haven't been faced with that predicament.keep having loads of fun.

  5. As I have no children of my own (sniff... sniff...) I have to make do with other people's children.

    In school I mean.

    Tough love, and a lot of bizarre stuff.

    I make myself memorable, and they have fun.

    My own tradition.


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