Recess is over!

So, how's it goin?

After 65 days on the virtual lamb I have decided to plug in again.

You might wonder what I accomplished during my respite. It would be more remarkable to talk about what I didn't do.

I didn't write a book.

I did not start up the exercise regimen.

In fact, I did not quit any bad habits or start any good ones.

I did not grow in any discernibly spiritual way.

Isn't that remarkable?

All kidding aside, it was a nice break and if nothing else I feel more focused. I'm looking forward to the next ten months of social network immersion.

So, seriously, how's it goin?




  1. Welcome back! It's great to see you pop-up on my side bar again.

    All's well here, been to NYC twice and Ohio once while you've been gone, now I'm just hanging out waiting for Thanksgiving. I didn't break or start any new habits while you were gone either (unless you count my new found addiction to M&MS) but I did have an awesome b-party for my godson, Halloween was a blast too.

    Looking forward to reading more from you. Cheers, jj

  2. Hello there. How is your family? What is going on with you? I figured you would be writing, but whatever you have been doing, I hope you are well. Hubby and I moved to a smaller place in a teensy town two weeks ago. We like it here so much. Plenty of room even with half the space. We let go of 2/3 of our things and are laid back. This is the smallest bedroom I have ever been in yet I am sleeping better than ever. There are only 1200 people in this town. This is country living but houses arranged in streets and an elementary school on one end of town and a jr/sr high on the other. Surrounding country kids come to this school. We visited the library and brought home bags of books to read and we have all our things where we can find them so we are pretty settled. Glad you are back on your blog.

  3. Phew! Thought you were gone for good. Came over to say hello the other day and BLOGGER NOT FOUND!

    Glad you are well. Welcome back!

  4. Casey!!! Welcome back. I laughed so hard about what you didn't accomplish. Too funny for words! Welcome back. Truly. Welcome back.

    Your time off sounds like it was good even though you didn't complete a book : ) you still have time Casey.

  5. Nice to see you around again. You really didn't miss anything.

  6. haha I love it! I keep thinking I need to take a little break one of these days :-) And thanks for your sweet comment on my interview at Life with Kaishon - it totally made my day!

  7. You're back! :) It's been forever.

  8. :) Life is good now the great Casey Freeland is back.

    (now say that like you mean it)


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