It's a Weakness

I was thinking today about the fact that Apple just released the Beatles entire library of music on iTunes. My first thought was COOL! My second thought was cool. My last thought was, "Hey, I already have all their CD's and any music I want on my iPod/iPad is already there."

So, why would I buy them again?

Just to say I did? Just to put another $13 in Steve's pocket? Just to...

I can't really think of a reason.

And yet I'm still tempted. Abbey Road has a little documentary on it, which would be cool to watch, I suppose. Making of the album cover or something like that. Who's going to go barefoot? Paul is dead. Number 9, Number 9, Number 9...

I think I'm crossing up my albums now. Sorry about that.

The funnier part of this is I'm not even that huge of a Beatles fan. I like the Beatles. But if it weren't for my love's influence and her massive fan-ness of the band I don't know that I ever would have owned a Beatles album.

And here I am thinking about spending my hard-earned credit card balance on a Beatles album I already have.

I think I need to distract myself and order some Ratt, Poison or Twisted Sister... all the stuff I thought was bitchin' when I was seventeen.

Yes, if you haven't yet figured this out, I am an impulse buyer. Grocery stores love me and put stuff next to me in the checkout line. Best Buy is about 10 seconds from my job and sometimes, after a hard day at work, when I get in my truck and see that big blue and yellow sign, I just want to go walk around amongst all that impulsey goodness. (If someone gave me $100,000 to spend in Best Buy, I could do it.) I love to browse the App store even though my dear Padrick carries around plenty of fun already.

It's a weakness. Any of you suffer from it?

If not, tell me about your greatest weakness... that you can talk about in public. :)




  1. First of all; Welcome back o owner of Padrick!

    I have some weakness, yes, but as Q said to Bond in his last stint of the James Bond film; Never show your weakness.

    But usually if I saw an item and liking it, it means I WANT it no matter what. Fortunately I don't do much online browsing or have a credit card :)

    So, I have an assortment of stuff I bought due to impulsive buying too. Mainly toys, fountain pens and pets.

  2. I don't know the reason but I have never liked to shop. There were times when I plenty of money and I thought I would get over the dread of going shopping then but no, still hated walking around looking at stuff to buy.

  3. Funny you should mention it... I've been tempted to download the Beatles too-- I have the albums and I rarely listen to them but... I guess that's good marketing by Apple??? Who knows, but it's tempting.

    Fortunately, Best Buy is not a fave hangout of mine. Unfortunately the show department at Bloomingdale's is.

    Happy weekend, jj

  4. I get attracted to green shoes, and though right now I dont have too many green ones, coz I stop myself, I find myself being pulled toward them and feel the need to have them in my home.

    Welcome back!

  5. I'm pretty good at handling money even though my dad thinks I'm not. I'm better than him. Whenever we go to Amoeba or any media store I literally have to drag him to the check out line!

  6. That's pretty funny. My daughter is probably better about money than I am, and I work at a bank!

    Thanks for reading and I hope all is well with you.



  7. : ) This made me laugh. I would be tempted too. And I don't even have an ipod or pad or any other i things : ) I do love their songs though. They always make me smile.

    My biggest weakness is food. I am fat, so you think I would be trying to eat less, right? Not so much. I eat way too much. I wish I didn't like food so much. I think my life would be better then!

    I hope someone DOES give you 100,000 some day. How cool would that be? : )

  8. Impulse buying has the edge taken from it when you live in a village on the Ganges 130km from a shop and you have to cross the river, get a train, land in the city, get a taxi to the stores through Calcutta traffic, by which time the only impulse you have is to kill someone....:)))

    Which, on the other hand, gives you the impulse to buy anything you damned well see cos you're worth it!!! :)))

  9. lol! there is a conspiracy against people like us .. I am a huge impulse buyer.. Have a weakness for chocolates and magazines that they display near check-out.


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