So I wanted to do something while my love was on the coast with the kids. It needed to be something that took all day, that she would appreciate and that I had the skill to accomplish.

I decided to clean the garage. As you can see in this first photo, the garage is a wreck. Not only can you not park a car in there, but you can hardly walk through it all. Piles of stuff everywhere. The long bench on the right is unusable. So I dug in.

I have a pretty simple method when it comes to cleaning. Take everything out. Throw away what you can. Put everything back. This is after the first hour. I've made a lot of progress. The lawn is covered with stuff. A neighbor AND the Schwann man both asked me if I was having a yard sale.

This is a pretty good place to be. After about 2 1/2 hours. The garage is basically empty. The bench has been cleared. I've thrown a LOT of stuff away and I can see how it's all going to go back together... Mostly. That TV in front there? That weighs about 9,000 pounds.

This is an hour or so later. I think all in all it took four hours. My whole body hurts, but it in a good way. I'm going to cook me up some steak as a personal reward. And my love will be so happy when she gets home tomorrow.

Best part about this project?

It's now an actual garage... you know, for a car. And it won't be destroyed again for another six months.




  1. Anonymous7/8/10 22:54

    Wow, awesome job!!!

    I was just over at Pearl's and had to come see your pics out of curiosity...

    Job well done, Man~

  2. Does that mean your wife gets to put her car in the garage? Ha.
    Do you have a BB gun I can borrow?

  3. Ah.... you did it all by yourself. Good for you. If I were you, I'd have a few people to help me. And I am not going to pay them :)

  4. You Rock! I can't believe you did all that work by yourself! That's awesome. Hope your sweetie was thrilled when she saw it!

    I'm taking a 3 week blog vacation. I'll check in when I can. Enjoy the rest of the month!

    Chers, jj

  5. Very nice, now you can paint it. :)

  6. You're a good man, Charlie Brown!


    Really, though, good job. This reminds me that I need to do the same thing to my pantry...


  7. A job well done! The satisfaction that comes from such a clean up is great. Do you keep wanting to look at it?? I recently cleaned out our study and now every time I walk past I have to have a look and stare in amazment at how tidy it is (for now anyway). I have even started writing again (and blogging!) partly because I have my own room to do this in.

    Looks great!

  8. How the heck can you watch the TV with it turned to the wall? I imagined you tanning in a lawn chair on the drive with Bud in your hand watching the PGA on the garage-shaded TV!


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