Quick Question - Appreciate Your Help

When you comment on a blog, do you prefer and why:

1) An e-mail response from the blogger about your comment.
2) A response just to you, but within the other comments on the post.
3) A comment on the post that includes responses to you and other commenters.
4) Not to receive a response at all.
5) To receive a response, but the format isn't important.

I would appreciate your input. I usually reply within comments on the post, but it has occurred to me that if you aren't following the comments, you'll never see my response.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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  1. Casey

    I certainly like to know if my comment has been read and/or if it was useful/of interest to the author and his other readers. Therefore, I guess my preference is for a combination of 3 and 1; like how Facebook alerts me to additional comments on threads I have contibuted to.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I don't need a comment back from you. Unless you need clarification or you have a question, then it's best to reach me by email, that way I can get back to you same day.


  3. The comments I leave on Disqus are ones that show up in my email if my comment gets a reply. Sometimes I ask a question or want to see what my comment said to the blogger so I go back and read all the comments.

  4. I've come to learn the bloggers who reply to comments in their posts and usually go back and review them.

    As for an email response-- Not really necessary unless it is to something specifically asked. Too often I get emails with two or three word responses and I have no idea what or who they relate to.

    (And a lot of times the bloggers use their personal email with no reference to their blogging user name and/or blog name and I have no idea who they are.)

    In short, I'm easy-- I know who you are and read comments on your older posts.

    That's my two cents... jj

  5. Well, heck, I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Thanks for your responses.


  6. When I commented, I ALWAYS expect a reply from the blog owner. But if she / he didn't, it's not really a big deal. *sniff* ok ok joking.

    My email account only notifies me of the comments I receive on my blog. I try to follow up every blog in my list :)

  7. I think the private e-mail reply to a comment is a nice touch. It's like a secret blogging world. If people enable their bloody e-mails. *ahem*


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