My wife dreams in exceptional detail. I find myself envying her talent for total recall of colors, conversations, clothing and the characters of her night visions. But I shouldn't be surprised. Do you know that she still remembers what she wore on most holidays, vacations, dates and family outings? How is that possible? I don't remember what I wore yesterday. Well, I do, but not the day before that.

Back to her dreams. Sometimes, home for lunch or after work, my love will tell me her dreams. And while it can be difficult to listen to another's mind trips, with her it's different. With her I honestly believe if I listen close enough I'll hear an idea for another poem or story. And sometimes I do.

I think I often don't sleep long enough to have truly involved dreams. It's not uncommon for me to only manage 3 or 4 hours in any given night. And I think this is bad for me. It affects my overall mood, my ability to think, my motivation and my reactions to stressful situations.

Last night I got seven hours. And I dreamed. It was lovely. A traveling dream. I don't have the terabytes of memory she does, but I did wake with a strong impression of where I was, some of the people I interacted with and my mode of transportation (a silver bike that seemed to absorb every bump in the road and propel itself when I didn't feel like pedaling.)

And I had my iPad with me. At one point in the dream I was disoriented and trying to head north, back home. I was in a very small town, all in light browns, lined by a boardwalk populated by old, kindly folk. And another person had lost his way. I pulled out my iPad and fired up Google Earth and it zoomed in on the town. We two travelers went opposite ways and he tipped his hat as he left.

I think I need to sleep more. That's my plan. Seven or more hours every night this week.

Do you sleep much? Do you remember your dreams? Do you think you know why you dream?




  1. Ahhh sleep. I used to be able to sleep anytime, anywhere, but sadly not anymore-- and I miss it. Now I'm lucky to get 3 max hours at a time without waking up but I can usually go back to sleep-- but not deeply enough to dream, or at least dream enough to remember. It's not the same as a full 7 straight hours of sleep by any means but I'll take what I can get.

    You know I have iPad envy so having one in your dream is a hoot to me.

    Hope you're catching up on your sleep.

  2. Casey

    Which cheese are you eating before you go to bed?

    We have the following in common:
    - Our better halves have razor-like recall
    - We rarely dream

    That said, I
    - Usually get ~6 hours a night
    - Rarely remember my dreams
    - Never do so in such detail

    Wish I did but I am also grateful that I (mostly) get the rest that eludes others.


  3. I used to dream a lot but for whatever reason I don't so much anymore. Wait, let me change that. I believe I still dream, probably nightly, but it's harder for me to recall my dreams like I once was able to. For a while I had a dream book where I would write down every detail of my dream because they were so awesome, but now that book would be vacant of words. Bummer. Love you!

  4. I say I didn't sleep for 10 years. At least I never felt like I did. Now I take vitamin D3 and I sleep and even better I dream. Oh how I missed dreaming. The craziness of the sci-fi and horror that rocks my brain. I wonder why I write romance when there is so many more stories to be told, if I keep dreaming maybe I will someday.
    So cool that iVan went with you on your silver bike.

    I dream in color too and I can change my dreams in the middle if I don't like how they are working out--very fun!

  5. Oh, Joanna, I'm sorry. Hopefully you are dreaming, but you just don't remember.

    Hey Buzz, I bet if we tried we could come up with lots of things we have in common. Well a few things anyway. Glad you are getting your rest though. My love says she trained herself to remember her dreams in so much detail. Maybe I just need a new approach.

    Love you too Trina. If you work at it, you may be able to bring some of that recollection back.

    Les changes her dreams too, Diana. Unless it's a real nightmare. Then she just has to pull herself out of it. I find that if I start changing my dreams I become too conscious and lose it completely.


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