Dead Until Dark

I don't do many book reviews, but I find myself with a desire to make a couple if observations about Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.

#1 - Time to start watching True Blood. Some know this, but the Sookie Stackhouse series of books by Harris is the basis for the successful HBO series True Blood. I checked and Netflix does not offer them on instant watch, but season 1 and 2 are available to rent, which we can and will do.

#2 - I don't want to get to far into this because, well, bigger brains than what I got knocking around in my head have certainly already gone as far as possible. But really, Sookie was first written about in 2001 while Twilight appeared in print several years later. And the commonalities are really hard to ignore. I have to assume that vamp lit follows a certain formula and that is where I'm making the connection.

#3 - This is not your daughter's vamp lit. There are some similarities, but this is not meant for young adults. This is wonderfully rated R and I really appreciate it.

#4 - I got tricked. Turns out this is kind of a romance novel series. Maybe that's another aspect of vamp lit. My only saving grace there is the fact that it is also a murder mystery. So I'll hold on to my man card for another day or two.

All and all a great novel and I'm looking forward to reading the rest. My plan is to read them all on my iPad. (no eye strain by the way)




  1. Well, thank you for this : )
    I haven't seen or read any vampire things yet. I keep meaning too as I know it makes me so out of the loop in humanity...

    Wishing you the most lovely of Fathers Days tomorrow. Hope it is a very special day!

  2. The last time I read about vampires was from Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.

    I hate the Twilight series to the marrow. Vampires are not supposed to be lovey dovey and cute. They are actually very selfish and have no truck with caring for others.

    But that's my cup of tea. I've heard that some young people were longing to have vampires as lovers. Hope they enjoy being sucked every now and then :P

  3. Hi Casey, hope you are having an awesome Fathers Day with all your children and your lovely wife.

  4. Thanks Becky. If you aren't drawn to read vamp lit, then I wouldn't recommend it. Two of my sisters live on true crime and other than Capote's In Cold Blood (the first true crime) I will never touch the stuff. And they will never read my Sci Fi. I hope all the fathers in your life have a great day today.

    You're right Shadow. Vamp lit is all about relationships with vampires. Dead until Dark is far more bloody and dangerous than the young-adult Twilight series, but it probably wouldn't satisfy you. But even Dracula had some romance in it though.

    Thanks TB. Happy Daddy Day to your hubby as well.


  5. I usually skip the romantic parts in any book I read. It derails my awesome mind. lol


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