Alone Again, Naturally

That title doesn't really apply but I've got the song in my head.  Gilbert O'Sullivan is one kooky, passive-aggressive Irishman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_P-v1BVQn8&sns=em

That hair is fantastic!

But alas, I am alone tonight.  2 1/2 hours from home in Sack-uh-tomatoes, California... our great state's capital.

I'm staying in a room at the Residence Inn Marriott.  It's one of those rooms that is obviously set up for a long-term stay.  Big bathroom, bed, couch, kitchen and (drum roll) fireplace.  I guess I could burn up some furniture, although it's really not that cold.  It feels more like a small apartment... like a NYC kind of place, save the sliding glass door and fireplace.  Did I mention there was a sliding glass door?

I'll be in a class tomorrow, all day.  Grueling.  Then it's one frantic day back at work and off to catch a flight to Maui, without my love, which is very difficult for me.  Not for her.  I mean, I'm sure she wishes she was coming with, but I'm going with my sibs and she is ultra supportive when it comes to my time with my brother and sisters.  Did I mention there was a trip to Maui?

The hardest part about tomorrow is that I'm missing my daughter's 5th grade commencement.  I know that holding a graduation for every grade is silly, but they had the 5th grade thing when I was a kid.  In addition she's leaving the only school she's ever attended.  And most of her friends are not going to her new school.  It's going to be a tough, emotional day for her and I wish I was there.  Did I mention my girl was graduating 5th grade?

So I'm alone again, as my job sometimes requires me to be.  But I have a job and I can take care of that massive family.  And for that, I am very, very grateful. Well, I'm not completely alone.  iVan the iPad is here. Did I mention I (tentatively) named my iPad?




  1. Being alone is not all that bad. For someone steeped in evil as me might concoct new evil plans to rule the planet in the solitude.

    But you, as a family man who is always surrounded by love, I understand your loneliness.

    But as you already told us, you got iVan to be with you on those cold lonely nights! :)

  2. You names your iPad??? Dang, Casey.
    I have read you posts other times when you are without your family and I remember how much you miss them when they are not near. But a trip to Maui, I think you will survive that trip. Smile. I hope you have a nice time with your siblings.

  3. I used to travel 70% of the time with a job I had and I missed everything. I'm so sorry about the 5th grade graduation but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Moving on to middle school is a really big deal and a very nice accomplishment.

    And that hotel-- Seen a million of them. Hope it's a non-smoking room with a quiet heating-A/C system.

    And Maui-- Nice, but I know you hate leaving your sweetie. Have fun and don't forget the sunscreen.

    Safe travels,

  4. Shadow - So I get back last night and my lady is sick. That means no alone time until I return from Maui as I can't get sick before the trip tomorrow. Sigh...

    Thanks TB. It should be great fun. Yeah, I think iVan the iPad has a nice ring to it. Sounds like a cartoon character.

    Hi Joanna. Yes, I'm very proud of my girl. They tested her for math and she aced the test, so they tested her for pre-Algebra and she missed one out of 38. So she'll be in the top math class for her grade, which is cool. She's kinda smart. :)


  5. I think its kinda cool to have a graduation for 5th graders. It makes you feel special. When we graduated from medical school, during the graduation ceremony, we practically felt like celebrities!!!!
    My first time at ur blog through random wanderings!!!
    Made a nice read!! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Vyazz. Feel free to kick off your shoes and stay a while. Found me through Shadow p'raps? Thanks again,



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