Seems Like Old Times

I ran in to a colleague today from my radio years, years that came to an abrupt halt in the first week of October in 2001.  

It was the end of an insane 30 days beginning, of course, on September 11th.  One of the most terrifying days of my life.

A week later my fourth child, my baby boy was born.  Easily one of the most awe inspiring days of my life.

A week after that I got the only reprimand I have ever received in my life.  My boss and her henchwoman got together and decided I wasn't doing my job.  After 12 years in radio, 10 years longer than either of them, they thought they'd write down what they didn't like about me and present in a letter for me to sign.  It was one of the most humiliating days of my life.

A week later I quit radio forever, without a new job, with four children, with really no money, but with a woman who loved and trusted me completely and would do anything for my happiness.  It was one of the bravest days of my life.

The gentleman who I saw today worked in radio the same time I did, in fact we worked together for a bit.  He's a kind, honorable guy who actually ended up owning a station in the end.  He's a man of many talents, a good father and grandfather.  He's a self-made man who was even voted businessman of the year recently in our little city.

I say all this about him because when I saw him today, maybe because it was this man in particular, I missed the radio business so much I could hardly stand to sit another moment in my big giant office.  I wanted to follow him out, a small pup, jump in his passenger seat, stick my head out the window and let him drive me back to where I belong.

But I didn't.  Of course.  I stayed in my seat like the good little soldier that I now am.  No more terror, awe, humiliation or bravery, apparently.  No, I don't believe that.  I'm sure there's a whole bushel of humiliation in my future.  (kidding)

Radio isn't what it was.  It wasn't what it was even when I was there in the late 80's and 90's.  The old radio dudes would lament even then about how radio was Radio in the 60's and 70's.  It's all perspective I suppose.

But it happened in a time in my life that I LOVED.  And so I associate.

It's good to be reminded of those days.  It gives one hope.




  1. Anonymous25/5/10 22:49

    Touching. So very touching. Life throws us curve balls when we least expect them. The test is in how far we are willing to bend. I'm glad you drew the line in the sand. You didn't deserve to be expected to bend any further.

  2. Casey

    As a Limey living Down Over (NZ) where the radio output is hit and miss, I get a great deal of enjoyment from listening to podcasts of NPR shows.

    Chicago Public Radio's This American Life, WNYC's RadioLab and North Carolina Public Radio's The Story are all great examples of what radio can uniquely deliver in a world where we have more varieties of media than ever before.

    While it might seem like the halcyon days are over, maybe they're just different for each generation?

    Great post.

  3. It is good to reminisce and appreciate the good old days huh.
    As you say, the radio work is not the same and would not be a place to make a good living now but you remember it like it was and you obviously loved it.

  4. A great post. Your radio is my standup.

    The good ole days may never exist for future generations.

  5. Thanks Anon... Sis maybe? If not, you talk like her anyway.

    Hey Buzz. That is definitely true. While I almost never listen to radio anymore, I love my podcasts.

    I did love it TB. When you start something at a very young age, planning for it or not, it often becomes a part of who you are.

    Suzy, you are so right. I guess we are the fortunate ones go have a stand up in our lives.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Your boss and her henchwoman? :) This reminded me of a tragedy in my life years before I got to be a teacher.

    Wait for it :)

  7. Looking forward to reading that story, Shadow.

  8. Hey Casey, You have such a great way with words and you're so honest which makes it feel like you're sitting here talking to us.

    I don't know how I missed this post when it first came out but I'm glad I found it.


  9. You are very kind Joanna. Thank you.

  10. I am so glad you ran into this man. I am so glad you were strong enough to leave when you were presented with such a terrible situation. Look at how you have not only survived but thrived.

    It is so good for us to look back on times in our lives with happiness. Like college. Isn't that something magical to remember? I loved those years. Of course these year we are creating right now will be magical memories one day as well, right? : )

    Appreciating where we are and the journey we are on makes our lives so much better. So great.

  11. Thank you so much for all your kind comments. Especially this one. Slowing down that clock and appreciating the moment is the key to everything, I think.

  12. I agree with Suzy and Johanna. Great post.


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