Mr. Grass

(photo from the grumpy gardner)

Sitting here, looking outside at the foot high grass in the backyard.  I will mow you down today, Mr. Grass.  You and your buddies in the side yard, the back-back yard and the shorter, although still unruly fellows in the front yard.  When I am done with you, you will be an army of crew-cut soldiers, your duty to stay in line and guard the castle.  And not grow so fast! Please work on the last bit there because if I have to discipline you again next weekend, you may indeed regret it.  I may lower the mower to its shortest setting.  I may take away your water.  I may, if pushed, spray rat poison on you just to see what happens.

I wrote that this morning.  I did eventually go out and attack the front yard. It wasted no time attacking me back.  After a very enthusiastic allergy attack, I passed out for two hours in my chair.  

My wife, on Mothers Day eve, went out and completely did the side yard and back yard.

Oh, and cleaned the pool.

Amazing woman.




  1. I sprayed weed killer around my bungalow a couple of months ago. Then a dose of salt water too to stump he growth.

    A long long time ago if the King is pissed with someone, he'd take all the guy's possession and salted his lands so no plants can ever grow. Cruel. But I like it :)

  2. Even though your grass is now crew cut soldiers...I kindof like the dew on the long leaves!

    Cheers to your wife!
    And to you for realizing how amazing she is!

  3. Your wife is a gift to you that's for sure. I hope she is enjoying her Mothers Day. Hubby read your short stories too this week and he says he really likes the short stories!!

  4. Hey Shadow,
    Yeah, no weed killer in our home. My love wouldn't have it. We have to either cut them down or dig them out. Salt might be good for the cracks in the concrete?

    I liked that picture as well, F8th. Just not in my front yard. :). Got up this morning and my love had made banana bread while I slept. Wow!

    She had a great day TB, thank you. It's very encouraging to hear your man likes my book. Time to start another I think.


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