It Is Indeed Mothers Day

There are a million tweets, blogs, facebook posts, etc. wishing all the mothers out there a Happy Day today.  It speaks to the nationwide appreciation we have for the one who sacrifices so much so that we may exist and learn and grow and thrive.

Most of you know I lost my mom when I was five. I was fortunate as I had four older sisters to lend their love and make my little life as OK as possible.  Especially Mom-Sis and you know who you are.

I guess what I wanted to say is that to wait until the second Sunday in May to show your appreciation and love for this woman is like only saying "I Love You" to your spouse on Valentines Day.  Awful.

Every day should be Mom's Day I think.

And for all the moms out there reading this, please have a fantastic day. You have my awe and admiration.




  1. Yep, everyday should be mother's day! Well said.
    Hope you're having a good weekend,

  2. Happy Mommy's Day!
    (MY mom just got back from her 3 months stay with my sister, and she is not happy with the state of her house)
    What she could expect from me? I don't do maid stuff.

  3. Nice post, Casey. You liken showing love only on Mothers Day to only saying I love you on Valentines Day. Good one.

  4. We had a great weekend, Joanna, thank you. I hope yours was great as well.

    Oh, Shadow, you should have cleaned up a bit for her. At least take out the trash. :)

    Thanks TB.


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