I got 2nd place in a chili cook off today...

I’m just writing this off the top of my head because it’s different every time, so…

Put all these together in the Crockpot and put on high
Two cans of Red Kidney Beans
Two cans of White Kidney Beans
One can of Black Beans
All Drained and rinsed
Two cans of tomato sauce
½ to 1 full can’s worth of water
*All cans are the 15 ½ ouncers

Sautee in a couple tablespoons of veg oil the following together with lots of Garlic Salt
About 1 ½ pounds of Carne Asada Beef cut into small pieces
One Green Bell Pepper Roughly Chopped
One Red Bell Pepper Roughly Chopped
One White (or Purple if they’re good) Onion Roughly Chopped
*Don’t drain this before adding to the beans/by Roughly Chopped I mean in irregular pieces.

Combine everything in the crockpot and add these:
Ground Chili Peppers (maybe a couple of tablespoons)
Ground Garlic Powder (as much as feels good)
Ground Cumin (maybe a tablespoon or two)
Ground Oregano (plenty)
Ground Basil (plenty)
Cayenne Pepper – I don’t know how much I use, but probably just a teaspoon
Probably won’t need salt, but taste and add as needed
A little dash of pepper
Some Tapatio Sauce (maybe a couple of tablespoons)

Cook it up for a couple of hours or so.  Check the taste.  Add whatever might be needed.  More garlic salt, regular salt.

Combine some masa flour (regular flour is fine) with maybe ½ cup of cold water and mix well.  Then pour most or all of it into the chili to thicken it up.  Gives it a nice orange tint as well.

Cook forever and eat when you’re hungry.

Today I had about 35 minutes to put this together. It was a record for me I'm sure of it.




  1. That sounds awesome! Second place???? You were robbed :-)

    Happy weekend,

  2. Sounds delicious. But I am not a fan of beans...
    But the mention of beef had me salivating already.
    What did you get for 2nd place?

  3. Thanks Joanna. I wasn't robbed though. A little bummed because the vote spread was three and I forgot to vote. So if I had campaigned a little to swing two folks and remembered to cast my own ballot I may have taken it. Next year maybe... And I'll start the night before.

    Shadow, you can put just about anything in chili. In fact traditional chili con carne has no beans, it's just sauce and meat. Mmmmmmmmm.....

  4. Thanks for the recipe. Congrats on the award for your chili!!

  5. Voting for herself was how my sister became captain of the majorettes in high school!

    That's an interesting recipe. I make my Dad's chili, which has a can of beer in it and chili powder but I'm guessing your spices make up for the chili powder?

    I used to have this pot that belonged to my Dad and I always cooked my chili in that. It would simmer for 2-3 hours and it always came out perfectly. The handle of the lid fell off and I bought a new pot. This bloody thing cooks too fast, even on simmer, and it just is hit or miss if it tastes ok or too "new."

    I have a crock pot but I have no idea how long to leave it in.

    Congrats on the second place win!

  6. Thanks TB!

    Suzy that can of beer is genius. I'm totally doing that next time in place of the water. Yay, Suzy.

    Yes on the chili powder. It's the same thing as maybe the chili peppers and cumin. You can check the jar and see. I think they are all a little different.

    My dad used to have a great stew/chili/spaghetti pot. I'm sure one of my sisters has it now. Our pots SUCK.

    For your crackpot, all night on low is the best way to go.



  7. I'm going to try your recipe. But I'm not very good at guessing at measurements with spices. One of the differences between a good cook and an award winning chef.

  8. Part of the fun of making chili is the tasting and adjusting. Mine is really totally different every time. What's the worst that could happen? It sucks? So what, try again. Give it a shot, go light on the spices, taste it, add some stuff, taste it again and so on. You'll be amazed at what you can do. And try Suzy's dad's beer in place of the water. Yummy!

  9. You are a star!
    Spicy things make me cry : (


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