Writer, Fighter, Carpenter Be

I’m a writer. I write short stories, novels, a screenplay, blog posts of course and lots and lots of poems. The word “WRITER” defines me more than any other, I think. More than father, husband, lover, golfer, individualist, banker, boss or any number of other possible me’s.

If I had to write 8 hours a day for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy man. If I had to make 80% of what I make now but I could make a living doing nothing but writing, I’d jump at the chance. If I lost the ability to write, to me it’d be akin to losing about half my soul. It means that much to me.

When I was writing in radio, pumping out a few commercials, promos, show prep sheets or whatever each day, I stopped writing everything else.

When I was immersed in the frantic underwriting of the banking boom from a few years back, I very nearly stopped writing everything else.

And now this blog has taken the bulk of my writing productivity. I tried taking a break about six months ago, hoping it would jumpstart my other projects. It didn’t. Not enough time or not enough of something else, I have no idea.

But a realization.

After all this time, all these years, all these excuses of why I’m not writing, I better change my ways today or I will never complete the works I have planned before my mind is too feeble to complete a grocery list.

Time to get to work, kids.

Time to make time.

Time to Write.




  1. I love writing.
    Well, used to love HAND-writing; to penpals and friends.
    But the age of internet destroyed all that. Emails made letters obsolete. Used to write gargantuan amounts of letters to my American and German pen-friends. *sigh*
    They are now gone; either too lazy to write now, or got too old :P
    Still love to write...
    So I got myself fountain pens to remember the glorious yesterdays of handwriting stuff.
    Haven't written an actual story for years.... erm.

  2. Like I told you already, we like your short stories the best. They are so good. I hope you do continue writing. You have a good mind for it.

  3. Shadow you're hilarious. But you're right as well. Something about long-hand writing is so magical and will never be overshadowed by my computer.

    Thanks TB. I'm glad you like them. They are probably my most joyful writing for sure.




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